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What People Are Saying About 3DLight Books?

“Remember Little Golden Books?
Think of the Easy-As Pie series of chapter books as this generation’s Little Golden Books. Bon Appetit! Enjoy!”

— amazon reviewer
Tilly and Torg - New Kids at School
“I enjoyed every page of this short children’s book, and it clearly shows school as a fun, enjoyable, approachable place. Tilly and Torg - New Kids At School ends with a list of “Power Words” from each chapter (like “everywhere” and “crunched”) as well as an alphabetical “Word Wall”. The art of this book is excellent as well. The images - most of which are full-page - have a terrific painted-by-hand style to them. Tilly and Torg are both super cute and perfectly expressive.”
— Excerpt from OnlineBookClub.org’s official review of Tilly and Torg - New Kids At School. Read the full review here: https://forums.onlinebookclub.org/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=106811
One Million and One Amazing Pets

“…a wonderful and educational book. I love the fact that the pets featured in the book are not your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill pets. This book features sugar gliders, octopuses, capybaras, and so much more. There were animals in this book I didn’t even know could be kept as a pet. I’m  a grown adult and even I found this book interesting and learned some new things. Trivia questions at the back of the book help the reader learn the information. I would highly recommend this book. Five stars!”
— amazon reviewer
Amazing YOU! A Celebration of Individuality

“A beautifully illustrated book with an even better message. It’s a great catchy read for both young and old.”
— amazon reviewer